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Notice regarding V2.1

MIRDcell V2.1 is an executable Java program that you download and then run on your PC. This change was required because web browsers no longer support the previous Java applet platform. It is otherwise identical to V2.0.16. Like its predecessor, V2.1 requires an internet connection to access the radionuclide data files. Each time V2.1 is launched, it increments the counter on the MIRDcell web page and checks for program updates.

Citing MIRDCell

Vaziri B, Wu H, Dhawan AP, Du P, Howell RW. MIRD Pamphlet No. 25: MIRDcell V2.0 Software Tool for Dosimetric Analysis of Biologic Response of Multicellular Populations. Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 2014;55(9):1557-64. PMID: 25012457


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* Chrome no longer supports NPAPI (technology required for Java applets), Read more details
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* Currently jApplet is not supported on smartphones and tablets that are running on Android, iOS, WebOS.

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